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Strong Hands

Photos like this make me wanna know the story behind it…


The mysterious world of Tumblr

So Sarahtopz put me on to the world of tumblr. I’m still figuring it out but I’m starting to find some interesting stuff, especially on the photography tip.

Like this, Ensayos Queer. NSFW. A tumblr of queer photo essays, the author describes it as:

“Trabajo fotográfico ajeno a la normatividad de una sociedad chilena opresora que esconde, se avergüenza y no visibiliza. No soy una teórica queer o de género, menos una filósofa en estas cuestiones, ni pretendo serlo…solo un par de sentimientos, un deseo y la cámara buscando interpretar; sin maquillar ni decorar. La honestidad como canon de belleza. Mi cámara y mi cuerpo; espacios de libertad.”

My very rough translation:

“Photographic work outside the norms of an oppressive Chilean society that hides, ashamed and invisible. I am not a queer or gender theorist, less a philosopher of these questions, nor do I pretend to be one…just a couple of feelings, a desire and the camera searching to interpret; without makeup or decoration. Honesty as the canon of beauty. My camera and my body; spaces of freedom.”

Next up. Look at this dope photo of Frida Kahlo from hermanaresist! She looks like either she just got done whooping someone’s ass, or she’s fixing to whoop someone’s ass right after she finishes that smoke…

Also found this picture which gave me a good laugh. I saw it on the street one day but didn’t snap a pic when I had the chance. Someone else did though!


I’ve followed this blogger/artist Kameelah Rasheed for awhile and really, really dig her work. I like the range of colors and the focus on people’s faces, it’s beautiful. Thought I’d share a few pics for your enjoyment.

Taken from Kameelah's "NYC Portraits" collection

From her "Faces of Crown Heights" collection

From her "California: The Golden State" collection

From Kameelah's "South Africa (In and Around)" collection

From the "NYC Portraits" collection

From her "South Africa (In and Around)" collection